Learnt to make hats at long last, I have. Herh herh herh.


This week I have made two star wars themed hats, a Princess Leia one and a Yoda one. They didn’t take me long at all, the longest bit was doing the braids for the Leia hat.

It has taken me a while to master hat sizes, so I stopped using patterns and started to use size guides… I use the basic pattern and then adjust the increases to make it to the size that I need it to be. I crochet quite tight so when I follow patterns it always seems to come out a little smaller than it should.

Here is the Leia hat🙂 I was really impressed with this, even more so now I have seen pictures of it on its new owner🙂 I used this to help make it. The hat was just a basic HDC (half double crochet) beanie.



This is the Yoda hat I made, I used this pattern here to make it. So easy to follow. I was really happy with the way the ears turned out! I have another two of these to make in bigger sizes😀




I finally finished my scarf I have been making for myself, It has taken a while! I have been working on this since the week before Christmas, but the baby blanket and some other things took priority. I loved wearing this today it is soo soft!  This is the pattern for this scarf, I added a DC (double crochet US terms) into the ch 2 space at the end of the row so it looked even on each side🙂


I think this picture shows the colours well🙂20160117_214030


This week I am working on a gender neutral blanket and I am going to try and make myself a hat to go with my scarf, I also want to make the Princess Leia hat in bigger sizes and make the other Yoda hats. Oh and I also want to make this

Thanks for reading🙂

Baby Blanket


For weeks I had been looking for the “right” baby blanket to make a friend, I had almost given up hope when my husband came home with issue 39 of the simply crochet magazine. Flicking through and I found the perfect pattern! It was the “little stripes” blanket by Emma Potter.

So armed with my hook and yarn I set off to make this blanket. The blanket worked up really fast once I actually sat down and did it! I am so pleased with how it turned out and the people I made it for seemed really happy🙂


Trying to find a nice way to take a photo of it was hard work, but I managed it and have learnt for next time!


All wrapped up, ready to give to its new owners🙂20160109_143929

Also this week I have tried and failed to make two hats, I should measure them before finishing them! But I am armed with my size guide and I am now going to make a couple of hats. Watch this space! They are star wars themed!

First post of many…


Hello🙂 I am Gemma!

I am am a crochet addict, I taught myself through YouTube videos and now I just want to make everything!

I thought I would make this blog to show my crochet makes, yarns I like, patterns I find etc… I also want to eventually make my own tutorials. So watch this space!


So I was a little bit bored earlier and my eldest son keeps asking my to make my husband an apple cosy… It was in one of the books they got me for my birthday. So today I thought I would give it ago. It only took me about 30 / 40 minutes!

This is the book it is from and you can see the apple cosy on the front, every time my son saw the book he kept saying make one Mummy. 20160103_174110


The pattern was really simple to follow! I have a thing about working in the round now for some reason, so I love making little things like this!


Finished product! You can decorate it with flower motifs as well, but I didn’t have a cotton thread small enough. I might have a go with what I have and see what it turns out like.


I also have a scarf in progress for myself🙂 And a present for someone – which I will post when it is finished and received…

This is my scarf. I have wanted this yarn since I first saw it but have had many other projects on the go so didn’t get it. I am so glad I did though! It is King Cole Riot DK in Juniper. You can buy it from here.


Thank you for reading🙂